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Hometown:  Dublin, California

Home Field Name: American Paintball Park

Current Team: Michigan Tundra

Favorite Field Position: Dorito 

How long have you been playing paintball and how did you find it? 7 years, my coworkers Alec and Miguel took me out for the first time. 

What did you learn about yourself at the Paintball Combine?

I learned that i am very timid when it comes to making moves on the field, the paintball combine helped me become more confident in my abilities, and more confident in the people who are working the field with me.  

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration would probably be my grandma Fina and grandpa Fidel. They were always my number one fans when i was growing up playing sports. They attended 99% of all my soccer and softball games. and always pushed me to be the best that i could. anytime they weren't able to attend a game i always felt like i was missing something. having the opportunity to make the USA team, i feel like they would be very proud of me, and would love to see me compete with the best in the country. 

Alex Del Mar No. 88


What made you want to play for Team USA?


Dave Bains owns a field near my house. I remember i was attending a tournament, i was at the truck grabbing my cases of paint for the day. He handed me my cases, then looked at me and said "hey, don't you play on the USA woman's team?" ( this was maybe 2 months after the 2019 combine and tryouts that i was not able to attend). I kind of laughed and told him no, then he said "Don't worry, you will someday, you're really good.". It put the idea in my head that maybe i was good enough to compete with the best. So i toyed with the idea until about 2 months before the 2020 combine and eventually signed up. 


Favorite personal paintball moment?

My favorite paintball moment was playing my first NXL, and first tournament in Vegas. I wasn't very good, but our team won third place in the ten man tournament. It really showed me the level of competition this sport really brings, and made me fell more in love with the sport. I remember how much my heart was racing during the countdown at the start box, i got sent do play a position i never played before (Front Dorito),My teammate edwin and i were pretty pissed off because our "coach" had just told us that we weren't good enough to play that side, but didn't do his part to arrange people to where we needed to feel supported on all sides. When the start buzzer went off we broke out, and i made it to Dorito 2 off the break, and got 2 kills out of the Doritos and eventually helped close out or first point. it was just refreshing to prove our "coach" wrong, especially on a side that i had never played before.  


What's on your mind the morning of an event or in the start box?

I always try to find my angles and drop shots the morning of the event. i study the format and take my time walking the field.When possible, i study the teams that we are playing and try to study the people that i will be going up against on my side. Getting the input on what i can do better to support my team mates is always crucial, sometimes in the heat of a tournament you forget your fundamentals so its good to back track and ask so you don't get tunnel vision. 


If you could play alongside any player in the game who would it be?

The Goat Sobbe Glass 


What is your biggest goal in your paintball career?

I mentor a 12 year old girl, her name is Marina. My goal would to eventually sharpen my skills to help coach her and eventually sponsor her to tryout and make the USA women's team when shes older if that is what she wants to do in the future. 

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