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Hometown:  Tucson, AZ

Home Field Name: The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton  

Current Team: CP Raiders

Favorite Field Position: Dorito Side

Austin Beatty No. 30


How long have you been playing paintball? 

5 years

What is your strongest quality as a player?


Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 

My biggest inspiration is my Dad. He taught me that no matter what I wanted to do, it was possible as long as I put forth as much time and effort as I could. Ultimately, I think back to that during practices while doing some tedious drills.

How has your journey with TEAM USA been so far? 

My journey so far with the team has been amazing! I’m beyond excited to be able to represent my country at the end of the season.


Have you traveled or played paintball outside of the country before?

Yes, this season I had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain to play Semi-Pro in the NXL Europe circuit.


Seconds before the buzzer sounds, what do you think of?

I close my eyes and slowly envision me doing my job flawlessly. That helps me stay calm throughout the point.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

In peak physical condition always

What is your biggest goal in your paintball career?

My biggest goal is to make a name for myself in the Pro Division and then being able to pass on my knowledge to the younger people coming up through the ranks.

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