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Hometown:  Erie PA

Home Field Name: Urban Assault Bridgeville PA

Current Team: Team USA Veterans / Masters

Mark Biletnikoff No. 69


Favorite Field Position: Mid, Front, Back, Insert - wherever I am needed 

How long have you been playing paintball? 

30 years 

What is your strongest quality as a player?

Being smart and being able to play almost all positions to be effective for the team.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 

I didn't really have any role models growing up but my inspiration was always to do the right thing and to prove people wrong. That I could do the task at hand at all costs and be the person friends could count on and lean on to come through in the clutch. 

How has your journey with TEAM USA been so far? 

Great! Super excited to be a part of the team and really motivated to be my best and bring my all for the USA!


Have you traveled or played paintball outside of the country before?

Yes, I feel blessed to have traveled so much playing paintball but I have only been to Europe. Always great memories. 


Seconds before the buzzer sounds, what do you think of?

Nothing. Get focused while I clear my mind and wait to bust out like a caged animal. 

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Be able to teleport, would save soooo much time! 

What is your biggest goal in your paintball career?

All of my goals I have achieved. Right now my focus is on winning the ICPL with the All Americans and then winning the Gold at Nations Cup for Team USA!! 

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