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Hometown:  Jasper


Home Field: Paintball Atlanta


Favorite Field Position: Center / Back


How long have you been playing paintball and how did you find it? 

I’ve been playing for about 2 years. A man walked into a place I used to work at and I noticed that he was wearing pants that didn’t look like motocross pants. So I asked him what he did and he answered I play paintball, he asked me to come to a local eld the following day since his team was practicing. The next day I showed up and was watching. I thought it was pretty cool so that next week I bought all the gear I needed and started playing. From then on I started to play tournaments and there was no looking back.


Nicole Gates No. 28


What did you learn about yourself at the Paintball Combine? 

I feel that the Paintball Combine helped me gain the confidence as a player to make those risky moves and all around be a better asset to my team.


Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 

Lane Wright hands down. He has taught me so much about paintball and how it should be and how the game should be played. He is a great mentor and a great friend. 


What made you want to play for Team USA? 

When I had seen in the season of 2019 that they have made a women’s team to go play in the nations cup, I thought that was the coolest thing I have seen in this sport. Once I saw that I wanted to set a goal for myself to make this team. To play/ represent your country in something that you love to do would be absolutely amazing. 

Favorite personal paintball moment: 

I would have to say my favorite moment was at the combine. When I had my glory moment run threw with a 3pack and the buzzer to get my team up a point. 


What's on your mind the morning of an event or in the start box? 

The morning of a event I clear my mind with everything that doesn’t have to do with the goal at hand (winning). I think about the things that I need to do and what my team needs of me. On the start box I think of what my coach has told me to do, Stare at that lane I’m about to shoot and wait for the buzzer. 


If you could play alongside any player in the game who would it be? Honestly I just love to line up on the box with anybody that has the same heart and passion that I do. If I had to to pick one single person it would be the one I play with every weekend and that would be Alexis Lazer. 

What is your biggest goal in your paintball career? 

I would have to say it would honestly have to be to play with the women’s USA team. To represent your country against others from all over the world. 

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