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Hometown:  Deerfield Beach, Florida

Home Field Name: Hot Shots Paintball


Current Team: Palm Beach Reckless

Favorite Field Position: Front

How long have you been playing paintball? 

Eight years competitive

What is your strongest quality as a player?

Taking on challenges and enjoying the process of learning


Rozy McCurley No. 12


Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I'd have to give this one up for my Dad. When I was in high school, he signed me up for track & field and I thought I wasn't athletic. He helped me with my self confidence and as a result, had given me the drive to be competitive and want to be athletic. I made the varsity team my freshman year and won a few meets in distance running. He's always encouraging, supportive, and has always helped me realize that with a positive and applied mindset, I can achieve anything.

How has your journey with TEAM USA been so far? 

It has been an incredible and rather humbling experience in the best way possible. My biggest takeaway so far has been to face the bad habits I've been doing over the years and re-learning the correct way to play fundamentally and working together as a team. I've enjoyed being able to learn from some of the best coaches and players in the game. I've also enjoyed getting to know all my teammates that live all over the country, it's amazing that Team USA has brought us all together!


Have you traveled or played paintball outside of the country before?

Yes! We have traveled a few times for vacation outside of the country. I've also been to the Millennium World Cup event in Paris a few years back and played with an all girls team and I've attended Brad McCurley and Justin Rabackoff's clinic in South Africa two years ago. Both amazing experiences. 😊


Seconds before the buzzer sounds, what do you think of?

It's usually, "Get to my bunker, get to my bunker," or "I really have to pee after this."

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Definitely being able to fly!

What is your biggest goal in your paintball career?

My daily goals are always to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday, but my long term goal is to encourage more girls and young kids to try paintball and ideally help them become better players and enjoy competitive paintball.

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