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Hometown:  Murfreesboro, TN

Home Field Name: 


Current Team: Team USA

Favorite Field Position: Doritos and center 50

How long have you been playing paintball? 

16 years

Sobbe Glass No. 84


What is your strongest quality as a player?

Strong field awareness and communication.  Providing support to the position in front of me while making sure they have all the tools they need so that our team and go and boogie on down the field.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 


How has your journey with TEAM USA been so far? 

The journey so far has been amazing. The team dynamic has been excellent and traveling to Dallas for our practice was an absolute blast. Our sponsors have been outstanding and the support we’ve received has been truly incredible.


Have you traveled or played paintball outside of the country before?

I’ve traveled a bit out of the country in the caribbean and England but never had the opportunity to play paintball outside of the country. I’m very excited to say the least.


Seconds before the buzzer sounds, what do you think of?

At this point all the game plans have been sorted out and hype chant has been said - I visualize where my lanes need to be and my path to the first bunker while listening to calls outside the field. Other than those few thoughts I try my best to clear my head of anything else.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Easy, teleportation. That would be so useful in this sport. I'd be unstoppable.

What is your biggest goal in your paintball career?

Ultimately I’d love to have a career in the paintball industry and open my own field. I love all of the hard work that comes with managing and running a field but it never feels like work. As a player, I am enjoying traveling and playing wherever and whenever I can.

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