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Without a doubt, the 2019 Team USA World Championship experience with 3 new Team USA teams was the highlight of the paintball season. In years past, only the Mens team has competed at this event, comprised of current ranked pro players from many different teams - the opportunity for lesser known players to compete was non-existent. 

Enter the 2019 Paintball Combine, an invite from Women's Paintball Pioneer Bea Paxson and the NXL - and the reality of bringing the Women's, the U-19 and the Masters / Veterans Team becomes attainable. 


96 Players showed up in Florida with 33 qualified U19 players and 26 qualified womens players all vying for a spot to play for the greatest country in the world.


The World Championships are to paintball what the Olympics are to most sports in the world. It is where the best each sport has to offer shows up to leave their mark on history for the nation they work so proudly for to represent.  

The 2020 teams will once again be selected from players who train with and sign up for the Paintball Combine event held February 7-9 in Kissimmee Florida in conjunction with the MVPS Tournament Series.

Players may train in the months leading up to the tryout by practicing the training drills posted on the Combine web site. These drills will be scored at the Combine in order to help us evaluate the different fundamental skills for each player. The scores will help us showcase the talent of each player to the national audience as well as help us build teams of these players to compete in the tournament over the weekend. 

The drills as well as the team competition helps us to evaluate players on a more well rounded and complete bases so we can asses both individual skill and the player in the competition setting. 

There is no better way to find the best players to represent Team USA. 

The selections are made by some of the best known and most talented names in Professional paintball. The opportunity to train with and learn from them at the Combine and throughout the season is an experience that is guaranteed to be one of the brightest and most rewarding experiences a player can have in their paintball career. 

Learn more about  the Paintball Combine here, now. 

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