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Hometown:  Alpharetta, Georgia

Home Field Name: Nitro Paintball


Current Team: Team USA

Favorite Field Position: Snake Side

William Newberry No. 13


How long have you been playing paintball and how did you find it? 

3 years, one weekend I decided that I wanted to try paintball

What did you learn about yourself at the Paintball Combine? 

If I want to improve I have to ask questions, and associate myself with people who are better than me.


Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My dad, he supports me and allows me to go to events like the combine.


What made you want to play for Team USA?

I wanted to play with people who are also focused on improving and being the best that they can be.


Favorite personal paintball moment:

Taking first place at the bki summer camp tournament


What's on your mind the morning of an event or in the start box?

Focusing on what I practiced and applying it to the scenario.


If you could play alongside any player in the game who would it be?

Leo Smotrov


What is your biggest goal in your paintball career?

To play at the highest level possible.

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